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Forms and Applications for Renters

Additional Rental Forms and Applications

The documents available on our site are provided for the use of our clients only and may not be retransmitted or redistributed without the expressed written consent of KMB Management. KMB Management is the owner of these documents and/or has the right and authority to use them in the public domain. The materials available are free for downloading and are meant to be used during the rental process of authorized KMB listings.

Please use the following links to access the rental agreement and/or any additional forms you may need when completing the rental process.

Rental Application

KMB has a printable application for each of our locations. Please print out the application linked below for your area, and return it to our office.

For your convenience, you can also apply online by visiting our online application.

Military Termination Clause

A tenant who serves in the military may terminate their lease without penalty. Please review this document for more details of specific events that apply for service members.

Sight Unseen Addendum

KMB Management nor the owner will be held responsible for any misinterpretations or problems that would have been avoided had the tenant personally inspected the property prior to the execution of the lease.