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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Here, at KMB Management, we not only care about your property, but we care about you. We understand that your property is part of your well-being and holds special significance in your life. That’s why we go the extra step when managing every aspect of your property, and treat your property as if it were our own.

We take care of all of the following services for you including:

  • Rent Collections
  • Leasing Services
  • Resident Screening
  • Marketing Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Online Portal Access
  • Financial Statements

These are just a few of the services that KMB offers to their property owners, aside from our personal care for you. For more information on how KMB Management can help manage your property, visit our property management details page.

In addition to propety management, we also help manage associations. If you are interested in getting help to manage your association, visit our association management page.

As much or as little control as you want. We have found that every property owner has different needs and wants. Maintenance issues are typically the greatest concern. While most owners don't want to be notified every time a faucet leaks, they do want to be contacted and involved in evaluating the bids and choosing the vendor for more expensive projects. We will work out an agreement with you about the degree to which you would like to be involved in tenant selection process, maintenance and repair issues, setting rental rates, etc.

Since we serve many communities with different needs, please contact your local KMB Property Management office regarding individual quotes.

There are many ways that we help prospective tenants find your property. We start off by placing every listing on our KMB Management website. We also utilize most of the national renting websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist. Along with our online presence, we place our company signage in the front yard.

KMB Property Management is very transparent. We offer a 24/7 online web based portal that allows you as the owner to access your current financials anytime of the day. We scan and upload every bill, work order and invoice that goes in and out of our office to our online portal. This allows you to know and see where every dollar goes.

Each individual owner has their own rules for their properties. If allowed, we do have a very detailed and strict “pet” addendum that each perspective tenant must sign and abide by if they are allowed to have a “pet” in one of the units. As an owner, you can dictate what specific pets, weight limits, and fees you would like installed at your property.


We know that your property is important to you. To guarantee the safety and performance of your property, we ensure all prospective tenants are thoroughly screened. We have online computer services to check credit history, bankruptcy likelihood, judgments, evictions and criminal record. Employment verification, income and past tenancies are also checked. Satisfactory ratios between earnings and expenses have to be met to be considered for tenancy for your property.