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Association Management

Association Management Overview

KMB Management is pleased to handle the day to day business operations of Condominium Associations, Townhome Associations and Homeowner Associations. Our team of real estate professionals come from various specialties throughout the property management industry. We know how to increase the marketability and return values of your rental units.

Our association management team is responsive to homeowner concerns, helps to handle day-to-day maintenance needs as directed, and helps to enhance the knowledge available to the members of the board. We offer a state-of-the-art information system that allows appointed board members to review accounting records, work orders and other property related details. Our software also offers individual unit and property owners 24/7 access to our professional team.

Read the bullets below to see how KMB Management can help you better manage your association.

More About Our Association Management Services:

Our experienced community or association managers provide knowledgeable advice and expertise. Your manager will have the resources of a diverse real estate team that includes real estate appraisers, maintenance contractors, financial consultants and others experienced in the relationship of governance and effective outcomes. Your manager will support the board by:

  • Attending approved & scheduled meetings requested by the board
  • Preparing annual reports
  • Developing preliminary annual budgets
  • Organizing the annual meeting
  • Overseeing insurance review
  • Implementing policies adopted by board
  • Complying with FHA/Fannie Mae Association Recertification

Common areas, green and landscape spaces and those unique characteristics of your community speak volumes to the worth or value of the neighborhood you represent. Our team of professionals understand the need and care necessary to keep the appearance of an association at a competitive level. Our relationships with local, reputable vendors allow us to seek competitive bids and services that benefit the community. Your manager will support the board & association by:

  • Routinely visiting the property
  • Being the primary contact person with contractors
  • Negotiating with vendors for needed services
  • Filing all vendor insurance and bonding documentation

The most effective communication between your manager and the board is old fashion face to face relationships. Typically the board is a volunteer group, and time is limited. KMB Management is pleased to offer a state-of-art communication system that allows approved board members to access our records base and review accounts payable, work orders pending and all paid bills. We also offer the individual members of the association the ability to communicate with us on-line 24/7. Your manager will support the board & association by:

  • Providing transparent on-line documentation to approved Board Members 24/7
  • Providing individual owners the ability to communicate with Management 24/7
  • Communicating with Association Governing Rules and Policies
  • Offering to Owners, Realtors & Lenders Association Documents On-line for marketing and financing purposes

KMB Management is probably one of the few professional real estate companies to have a staff CPA. Our staff will provide accounts payable, receivable and general ledger services. Approved board members have the ability to review these accounts 24/7, create reports and review copies of bills paid in the last 60 days; all on-line. Your community manager personally signs off on all invoices, and depending upon the amount; also verified and approved by the board president. Your manager will support the board & association by:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Maintain Association Bank Accounts
  • Prepare financial reports and records
  • Review Budget, Reserves and make appropriate recommendations

You're going to hear us say this many times, "We can't make people be good neighbors", but we can make members of the association follow the same rules and procedures they bought into. Unfortunately from time to time, owners experience difficulties paying association fees. As important, with board direction, management will educate owners on approved policies and procedures when it comes to architectural changes, fencing, decks or other items covered in by-laws. Your manager will support the board & association by:

  • Reviewing of all past due accounts
  • Sending legal notices
  • Sending lien notifications and file liens
  • Monthly collection reports available to approved Board Members