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Iowa City Information

Iowa City Area Helpful Information

The information provided below is a general overview for residents in the Iowa City area. Please continue to read below in order to find out more about our office hours, where and how to pay rent, and more general information provided by the KMB Management staff.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office during the hours provided below.

  1. Office Hours - Monday through Friday, 8am-11:30am, 12:30pm-5pm
  2. KMB Office Phone Number - 319.351.0102
  3. Non-emergency Police Phone Number - 319.356.5275
  4. Rent Payments

    Rent is due the 1st of every month, and will be considered late if not turned in by 5PM on the 1st of the month it is due. You can pay on our website (for Quad Cites or Iowa City) with a credit card or bank account. Otherwise, rent can be paid with a check or money order (addressed to KMB) at your local KMB’s office, drop box or mailed to the office. Please note: we do not accept cash.

  5. City Services Contact Information
  6. USPS - Change of Address - Go to Website
  7. A Note From Management
    • Please discard all trash in dumpsters.
    • If laundry facility is located in your building, please remember to clean the lint traps before and after each use of the dryers.
    • Please help us keep common areas clean by disposing of trash in the laundry area or junk mail left in the front entry by the postmaster.
    • Smokers, please use the disposal pots found at the front of each apartment building. Don't discard butts into the front yard.
    • The dumpsters are designated for typical refuse. If at departure you need an additional refuge pick-up for old furniture or discarded belongs, contact us immediately. A fee will be assessed, but the schedule can be coordinated. If not, the cost of excess refuge in the dumpster will be deducted from the security deposit.
    • Services are to be put in your name starting the date of your lease.

Iowa City Area Helpful Locations

Below you'll find a group of useful locations for residents of the Quad City area. Use the red pins to find locations near you. These pins will help you to do things like change your address, find the KMB Management offices, and sign up for sewer or garbage collection.

Hint: Hover over the pin to see what location it represents.