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Every occupant 18 years and older MUST fill out a separate application (even if married). Please fill out this form COMPLETELY and authorize where indicated. There is a $40 non refundable application fee required per application. A list of rental application evaluation guidelines are available for your reference.

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*** Please do not use a dash or any special characters in your last name.
*** For international students that do not have a SSN or a DL#, please enter N/A in these fields.


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*** If you are a full-time student, please use the Source fields to indicate how you plan to pay for rent.

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Applicant Questionnaire
Applicant Authorization

Applicant authorized the landlord to contact past and present landlords, employers, creditors, credit bureaus, neighbors and any other sources deemed necessary to investigate applicant. All information is true, accurate and complete to the best of applicant's knowledge. Landlord reserves the right to disqualify tenant if information is not represented. Property Manager is acting as an agent for the property owner, and is licensed by this state as a real estate broker. Property Manager has no agency relationship to the applicant. ANY PERSON OR FIRM IS AUTHORIZED TO RELEASE INFORMATION ABOUT THE UNDERSIGNED UPON PRESENTATION OF THIS FORM OR A PHOTOCOPY OF THIS FORM AT ANY TIME.

Applicant has herewith, or will prior to move in, deposited the sum of one month's rent not to exceed two month's rent, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged as a non-interest bearing deposit, and not as a rental payment, to be refunded as hereinafter provided if the lease agreement is consummated. Provided, however, that in the event the application is approved, and applicant fails or refuses to enter into the contemplated lease with the owner, then applicant agrees to forfeit the said deposit as liquidated damaged to cover the cost of taking and of processing this application, reservation and preparation of the apartment, and the loss of rental income to owners. If, however, in the event this lease agreement is not consummated, is disapproved or for any other reason for which owner is responsible, the deposit will be returned to the applicant.


KMB Management does not discriminate against any class of persons protected by federal, state or local law. For more information on our Fair Housing Policy, please read our complete equal opportunity in housing statement.